Ethnic Heritage Museum, 1129 S. Main St., Rockford

Visit the Ethnic Heritage Museums’ quilt displays. Civil War quilts and Rockford quilts are on display. Come out and enjoy some patchwork which demonstrates local history and creativity. Come see ethnic quilts from southwest Rockford along with sesquicentennial Civil War Circa quilts. The museum is open on Sundays or by appointment on weekdays by calling the number below.

From August 19 – Sept 30, mention “hideaway” and get a free raffle ticket for a chance to win the quilt. The tickets are usually $2, so take advantage of this special offer.

www.ethnicheritagemuseum.org | 815.962.7402


Veterans Memorial Hall, 211 N. Main St., Rockford

Check out unique quilt displays at Veterans Memorial Hall. Enjoy a quilt that is made of fabric squares from actual civil war uniforms; view a quilt made from real military camouflage and patches; or enjoy other themes of valor and patriotism.

Mention “hideaway” between August 19 – Oct 15th and receive a free hand-painted Veterans Memorial Hall Christmas ornament (while supplies last)

www.veteransmemorialhall.com | 815.969.1999


Tinker Cottage Museum, 411 Kent St., Rockford

Enjoy the special quilt display; “One Piece at a Time: A Look at Nineteenth Century Quilt Making,” When you visit Tinker Cottage.

Mention “Hideaway” between August 19 – Sept 30 and get $2 off a guided cottage tour. A printed copy of this offer must be displayed to redeem the offer.

www.tinkercottage.com | 815.964.2424


Midway Village Museum, 6799 Guilford Rd., Rockford

Browse through several creative and color quilts when you check out “Stitches and Scraps: Quilts from the Museum’s Collection.” These beautiful displays are sure to impress quilt enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Mention “hideaway” between August 19 – Sept 2 and receive a free postcard of Harlem Amusement Park

www.midwayvillage.com | 815.397.9112


Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main St., Rockford

Rockford Art Museum is home to the Hager Collection of self-taught African American Art, one of the few collections of its kind. “Hager Collection: Gee’s Bend Quilts” features a dozen works on loan from the Hager family’s personal collection of quilts made by self-taught African American female artists

Most of the exhibiting artists are members of the Gee’s Bend Quilter’s Collective. This small group of women from an isolated area in southwest Alabama known as Gene’s Bend, earned critical and popular acclaim—and comparisons to Amish quilters and modern art masters–during the “Quilts of Gee’s Bend” traveling exhibition nearly a decade ago.

www.rockfordartmuseum.org | 815.968.2787


Erlander Home Museum, 404 S. Third St., Rockford

Visit Rockford’s home for Swedish heritage and history. Take advantage of the creative patchwork on display in the historic Erlander Home. Quilt displays are sure to inspire and captivate viewers.

www.swedishhistorical.org | 815.963.5559


Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden, 2715 S. Main St., Rockford

Klehm Arboretum is proud to host a three month botanical quilt installation, “Through the Branches: A Quilter’s Perspective.” Don’t miss this exceptional display of birds, flowers, animals and trees depicted in applique by Quilt Artist Claire Powers. A collection of 20 quilt pieces of intricate design with titles such as “Every Garden Needs a Prince Charming,” “Autumn Nosegay,” and “The Case of the Vanishing Vase” will thrill and excite viewers of all ages.

www.klehm.org | 815.965.8146

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  1. audrierro -

    I wish i was in Rockford,Illinois, its my hometown

  2. Maty -

    I love the great deals and how they change every two weeks. Keep up the good work – my family appreciates the ideas, information and fun!

  3. Jenn -

    So awesome to have Sacred Art in Hideaway 2!!!

  4. Anonymous -

    brilliant campaign! Nice work, Rockford

  5. BadgerJohn -

    Will you let fans of the 13-Time World Champion Green Bay Packers stay in Rockford? Great, clever campaign. Well Done! I hope you see results.

  6. MonkeyPride -

    I second the motion! Please return the sock monkey!

    P.S. Great ads!

  7. Anonymous -

    Yeah! Rockford Pride.

  8. Wisconsin supporter of Fab14 -

    Thanks, Rockford, for giving our Senators a chance to let our voices be heard. Love the video! You’ve got walker’s voice down to a T!

  9. Jack -

    Dear Lord Walker. Keep the Senator.
    Return the monkey.

  10. Sharon Atkins -

    Love the campaign…keep up the creative flow.

  11. Ann (Stiffie) -

    Rocktown. Rockland. Rockford. No matter how it’s spelled, the city rocks! (Jay will know what this means).

  12. Jeff W -

    This is great. I love the ads

  13. Denny J -

    Great job on all three HideAWay videos ! A creative, timely way to promote our community…….. Our people make the difference. Well done, loved them.

  14. Greg Orput -

    Outstanding campaign. It sums up the often forgotten charm & uniqueness of Rockford very well.

  15. Kim -

    By the way, great campaign, love the sock monkey part!

  16. Kim -

    Bob, then you need to call them into the pothole hotline so our city workers know where they are! Also, vote for the 1% sales tax so we can keep improving our streets by letting the people who drive our streets, pay the tax when they shop here!

  17. Bob -

    Great campaign, but if we want to encourage more people to hideaway in Rockford, we should probably fix pothole after magnificent pothole.

  18. Millerman -

    Dig that…well done Mr. Groh, GrahamSpencer and Pablo. I’ll do my part to distribute. Bravo!!!

  19. Handler -

    Get Uncle Don involved!!! (Is Uncle Don still alive?) Get him involved either way!!!

  20. Valeri -

    John and Staff – Brilliant, just brilliant, just like I emailed you. These are hilarious. What a good bang for our buck…keep it up. Rockford Rocks as far as Dave and I are concerned….let the northerners learn this too!

  21. Kev -

    Glad to see my old hometown kicking ass like this!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  22. Julie -

    Emailed the video to friends all over US.

  23. Chuckie -

    Great comedy = keep it up – Invite the
    Packers to stay with you when they visit Da Bears

  24. Dr. Ted -

    Wow, great job on the video, very funny and professionally done. It makes me want to visit Rockford!!

  25. Jason -

    Funny Stuff and very creative! Almost makes me want to visit…and I live on the beach in California!

  26. WooWhooo -

    Great spin on this whole Madison thing. I’ll be taking my boys out there to see the Ice Hogs!
    Keep it up!

  27. NTelLect -

    Pure genius!

  28. Davey Porter -

    These are incredible, unlike Walker the Stupe. Solidarity forever, Walker… Your days are numbered! RECALL!!!

  29. Dan -

    Rockford is da’ best! Keep up with the great attitude.

  30. Millerman -

    “That was Rick F&x&$*& Nielson!”



  32. Rick -

    Very Funny….and a great slam against Walker as he tried to use his WI Open For Business schtik on IL when IL raised taxes (which are still lower than WI taxes)

  33. Woofie13 -

    Great work! These are SO funny.

  34. Anonymous -

    Great work!!!

  35. rockfordteaparty -

    Very very excellent!!! Creative and tasteful. Good job!!!!

  36. deanmeek -

    This promo video for Rockford, Il starts by asking people at random “Are you a State Senator from Wisconsin?” Funny stuff and good promo for the city!

  37. dombett -

    Makes me want to visit Rockford. You guys have a good sense of humor.

  38. hdrakegibson -

    I absolutely love it!

  39. xtwistr77 -

    This makes me want to move back to Rockford. It is refreshing to see good publicity for Rockford!

  40. manyleaves -

    Cute video! It’ worked. I might just have to visit the town in the spring.

  41. Markopat -


  42. Samhain35 -

    Rockford is cool. Seize the moment to spread the word.

  43. FrontCortex -

    Great video, very well done. We’re from Missouri and LOVE Rockford, Ill!

    We stayed at the Lexington/Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort Hotel in Rockford over the Holidays and had a great time. My wife & Mom-in-law loved all of the historic antique furniture & fixtures throughout Cliffbreakers. Our week long stay was near perfect. Their food was AMAZING. Our rooms were very nice, with one of the most beautiful scenic River views anywhere. We will go back!

  44. Cheekyactress -

    You got to love the creativity and the spin on the current policital topic of the moment. Kudos to the team who came up with this….(From Wisconsin, but not a State Senator).

  45. VelChain -

    Love this! Our industry needs more humor and creativity. Great job!

  46. TimeLady8 -

    Free market capitalism at its finist. Go Rockford!

  47. drewdane40 -

    This video is my new favorite thing about Rockford. :D

  48. fvshkatie -

    I’m a retired public employee and former AFSCME member in Wisconsin, but good on ya, Rockford! Go for it! Always hated that “escape to Wisconsin” slogan anyway. I guess we could take the “to” out of it now… LOL! Is Toad Hall still around? Always loved browsing through all the interesting stuff they have.

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